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About us

Synchronicity by definition is a “meaningful coincidence” and we have built an enviable reputation for providing our clients with the perfect assembly of people, place, circumstance and time.

As would be expected of any modern, forward thinking search firm we utilise and master all tools and technologies to aid us in researching deep into the markets we serve.  With that said our longevity and breadth of experience gives us an unparalleled insight and context that gives us real competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our business partnerships and so long as a hire is business critical to a client, we are confident that our methodology can be engaged to secure the desired professional.

We operate a team approach to every project which encompasses research specialists, search consultants and Directors within the team.  The strength and extent of our client relationships is testament to the involvement and tenacity displayed by everyone from the start to the finish of the recruitment process. 

Although extensive research, team work, track record and persistence are all key attributes in making us successful, above all else we consider our creativity and passion to be our defining qualities that help us discover rising stars of the future and the leaders of today.

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